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Top 5 technological advances in health

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and new changes are being applied in medicine, and a better quality of life for many patients. thanks to her. We will show you 5 technological advances that are very interesting, and will surely change the history of health services during the 21st century.

Neuroprosthetics, the recovery of the senses

Although complete progress has not been achieved, the first steps are being taken with great success of a new technology called neuroprosthetics, since thanks to it, patients will be able to recover the senses that have been damaged by accidents , but still have characteristics that allow them, through a technological program, to hear, see, perceive aromas and flavors, and feel in areas of the skin that have lost the sense of touch. 

3D printing, multiple applications

The development of 3D printing has not only served in industry, but also in medicine. In principle, this technology had only been used to create different instruments that could be used to make operations faster and more efficient. 

Gastric sleeve surgery Tijuana, for example, uses expertly created closures made by 3D printers. Currently, the possibility is being created more and more firmly, of creating artificial organs to help different patients who need a donor, and who, for some reason, have not been able to do so. 

Heart valves for young children and infants are being mass-produced through these machines with very good results, opening up the future possibility of creating functional hearts, kidneys and other organs. 

Speech recognition, for administrative tasks

Researchers and medical professionals have realized in recent years how useful solutions that have speech recognition are, since diagnoses and daily administrative tasks can be carried out quickly. 

In addition, it has recently been discovered that some characteristics of the voices of patients can reveal many elements of their health status, which are codified by the AI, in such a way that an initial diagnosis can be made only with the patient’s voice. 

Nanotechnology, advancement in the administration of medicines 

In the boom of nanomedicine, nano devices have been developed that will allow different medicines to be dosed without the patient having to inject or take them constantly

An example of this is insulin pumps, in which Through nanotechnology, this medicine is integrated into the patient when required and at the right time. 

3D diagnostic medicine

Due to the large number of diseases that exist, 3D diagnostic medicine is just taking its first steps, but with great security. 

Its purpose is to use waves to verify some symptoms of defined diseases, while an AI identifies, according to the internal state of the organs, what disease it has, without further laboratory tests and without pain for the patient. 

Although there are many technological advances in health, these are the most used.