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Liberty Science Center To Launch New Science Campus

Liberty Science Center in New Jersey was eager to announce an exciting expansion on Jan. 22. At the cost of $230 million, a new science and technology campus is in the offering, one that museum officials say via “will launch businesses, create jobs and offer science education for local youth.”

So what will this fresh addition include in order to properly serve the science community?

Apparently ,the so-called and cleverly titled SciTech Scity will offer a number of science labs like those for bio tech and coding, as well as a science themed property for scientists, entrepreneurs, and high education students to use as overnight quarters. All of these exciting inclusions will be sitting adjacent to the existing facility.

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Meanwhile, the Liberty Science Center, officially designated as the master developer for the city-owned land by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) is set to include a technology business incubator and a grade school putting an emphasis on relevant subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math.
A statement that came directly from City Hall read, “This is the first and significant step in a commitment to support Liberty Science Center as the premier not-for-profit interactive science and technology center in the region, The land that the city has committed to this project is valued at more than $20 million dollars.”

Mayor Steven M. Fulop reported, “The city designating this land to [the existing center] is a major departure from past practices of selling property to private developers and, instead, speaks to the [Jersey City’s] commitment to growing the Liberty Science Center as we create a world class city.”

“This is an investment in culture,” he relayed to The Jersey Journal., adding “It’s a really big deal.”

That said, Paul Hoffman, CEO of Liberty Science Center, chimed in, stating that Jersey City “is growing so fast, it needs a science-oriented school.”

The answer to that: A big and enthusiastic project under the watchful eyes of the Liberty Science Center, focusing on science education in all ways, many of which may just be modeled by other cities from across the United States and even further. Here’s hoping.